All Facial & Body Bars 2 for $12 (excludes Remix Tropical Turmeric Bar. 2 for $16)
All Facial & Body Bars 2 for $12 (excludes Remix Tropical Turmeric Bar. 2 for $16)
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Detox P*ssy Pearls (3 pack)
Glow with kiShae

Detox P*ssy Pearls (3 pack)

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Helps with:

Cleansing/detoxing the vagina & uterus 

Cleansing/detoxing vagina from past partners & negative emotions from past partners

Hormonal imbalances

Heavy & irregular periods

Yeast infections


Strengthens uterus & vaginal walls




Do not start a second cycle until a minimum of 7 days after your last cycle

  • Do not use pearls during your menstrual cycle

  • Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water. This will help you flush out the toxins and facilitate the discharge from your womb 

  • Do NOT have sex while pearl is in
  •  Do NOT use if you are pregnant


1. Unravel string attached to the pearl

2. Insert pearl using applicator pushing it closest and deepest to your cervix. 

3. Once inserted tuck inside labia and remove after 3 days. NO SEX


What to expect

Day 1-3 you may experience some mild irritation or itching. This is the herbs going to work, some killing bacteria and removing old scar tissue or dead inner vaginal tissue. Some being absorbed by the body healing old wounds or regulating hormones. Keep opening to vagina and urethra clean. You may begin to see small pieces of discharge coming out. THIS IS ALL NORMAL, HOWEVER.... If irritation increases or is unbearable please remove pearls, take an Epsom salt soak and apply coconut oil to the area.

Remove pearl at the 24th hour to ensure a full cleanse by finding the knot where the string is tied together and gently pull until pearl is out. Repeat steps for other 2 pearls within 48hours for full cleanse

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